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2022 Events

We are pleased to announce our programme of events for 2022! More will be added over the coming weeks so please keep checking the website and following us on social media.

First Folio Tour

23 April, 2-5pm, Sutton Coldfield Library. Book your slot here

14 May, 11am-4pm, Black Country Living Museum

26 May, 11am-4pm, Sense Touchbase Pears. Book your slot here

11 June, 11am-3pm, Selly Manor Museum. Information & booking here

18 September, time tbc, Highbury Hall

8 October, time tbc, Gap Arts

26 October, time tbc, The Hive, Argent College

Everything to Everybody: Your Shakespeare, Your Culture

Free exhibition

The Gallery, Floor 3, Library of Birmingham

22 July-5 November

Co-curated exhibitions in the Shakespeare Memorial Room, Floor 9, Library of Birmingham

February-April, 'Shakespeare versus Birmingham', University of Birmingham School and Stan's Cafe

24 May-27 July, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

28 July-end of September, DESIBlitz

October-December, The Hive

Family Day with K'antu Ensemble

27 July in the Library of Birmingham

We need your help!

The aim of Everything to Everybody is to unlock the secrets of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Memorial Library, making it accessible for as many people as possible.

To do this we need your help!

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities, and welcome people of all ages (18+), abilities and levels of experience.

These include helping with community events, supporting our education programme, and working with our librarian and digitisation officer to translate, organise, repair and digitise some of the 100,000 items in the collection!

Some roles will need experience, but we are able to offer training and support for almost all activities. If you are interested in learning more, please fill in this form.

You can also email Lauren (Community Engagement and Volunteer Officer) at

Header image courtesy of Ben Gregory-Ring, World's Stage workshops, March 2020, Library of Birmingham